Thursday, September 23, 2010

The History

*May 2000 - Married and lived at mom and dad's house in Loomis, CA
*January 2001 - Bought our own condo in Rocklin, CA
*August 2002 - Moved to Springville, UT
*July 2003 - Moved to Colorado Springs into an apartment
*August 2003 - Moved into a house in Colorado Springs
*July 2004 - Moved to Highland, UT
*May 2005 - Moved to Eagle Mountain, UT
*January 2006 - Moved to Payson, UT
*July 2007 - Moved to Granite Bay, CA in with Lloyd's parents while our house was being built
*November 2007 - Moved to Plumas Lakes, CA into our new house
*March 2008 - Moved back to Payson, UT
*October 2009 - Moved to another house in Payson
*September 2010 - Buying a house in Payson, moving in this weekend and planning on staying for a LONG, LONG time!

The Result = 13 houses in 10 years
(For the record, I found 2 white hairs this morning)


Brooke said...

that's awesome!

John and Sarah Mason said...

Seriously, that is just crazy. At least you didn't have time to collect junk you don't need. I sure love you and miss you.