Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get Your Trick On

There is something about this time of year that brings out the little girl in me. The smell in the air and the fall colors make me all tingly inside. Halloween is the event that starts it all. Our week leading up to the much awaited night has been a blast. Carmel apples, booing neighbors, annual trip to Gardner Village and finishing up costumes kept us busy and happy. We celebrated Halloween on Saturday night. We had Truck-or-Treat with our ward and then went to our old neighborhood for good old fashion "tricking" as Tytan calls it.

McKenna, Matt, and Tytan with their cousins Matilda and Sarah

McKenna was a mime

Matt was a mummy

Tate our courageous lion

Tytan had wanted to be a ghost and I made him the cutest costume. Well at the last minute he decided that he wanted to be a football player instead. The little stinker. It is a good thing he is so cute!

Tate getting his first taste of a sucker.

My brother-in-law Dan looking awesome along with my sis Christi.

My sister Becky loving on Tate.

My BFF Sara rockin' the Richard Simons outfit. She is the best!

A little peek at our pumpkins

What a fun night. It always goes by way too fast. But now at least I have a lot of candy to help eat :)


Amy said...

Yeah! your little guys looked great! Wish I was there, Wish you were la la. Can't wait to see you. This is our favorite time of year, wish we were together! Love you.

Alexis said...

tate looks so cute but I'm pretty sure sara takes the cake!

John and Sarah Mason said...

Sara does take the cake, but nobody could beat all of my grandkids. All of them looked so awesome. Great job on the mummy Jess. Kenna, I love your mime and Ty football players are always awesome. Tate, I remember kenna in that outfit. I love all of you.