Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Onion Days

This past weekend was Payson's annual Onion Day Festivals. It is a celebration that last from Friday until Monday and is the place to be! And no, I have no idea why we have it, but I know that it is dang fun. Friday night starts out with the Varsity Football Game. McKenna and her two cousins, Matilda and Sarah, got to do a Jr. Cheer clinic and perform at the game and then at halftime. It was too cute to watch them.

Pre-game at my house getting ready to cheer!
At the game Tytan got his Lion painted on the show his school spirit.
Matt thought that this would help to show the other team they should be scared.
(That is really what he said)
I love watching Lloyd with his players.
McKenna having a blast cheering.

Monday morning was the parade in downtown. Papa and Tate love eachother.
The girls got to ride on the float with the other cheerleaders.
I had to get this shot. These girls love each other so much it is so cute!

After the parade, we headed over to the carnival. Tytan getting ready for some rides!
1st stop the Ferris Wheel
For the record, I wasn't even on the ride and my hands were sweating the whole time!
I couldn't believe that Tytan wanted to go on this one. But there he is with his hands up.
Crazy kid! Matt and McKenna were loving it the whole time as well.
This is what Lloyd tried to get me to go on. Not a chance.
So, he went on it with my best friend, Sara.
Lloyd was actually stumbling when he got off the ride. Wish I had video of it!

We had such a great weekend. I love living in our little town!

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