Sunday, September 14, 2008

The much anticipated glasses!

Well some of you may have noticed that our little Tytan has one eye that crosses a little in some of his pictures. Well I took him into the eye doctor who told me that Tytan was severely far sighted and that he would need glasses. I looked at him dumb founded and then explained to him that it would be easier for me swim the English Channel than to keep glasses on this kid. Well I have to say that he has surprised me. He has been pretty good about keeping them on. The only thing is that when he gets mad at me for something, he thinks that taking off his glasses is the best form of punishment for me. Yesterday I told him that he couldn't go outside, and so he took of his glasses and drop kicked them across the kitchen. Good thing that I sprung for the flexible frames and shatter/scratch proof lenses. 

I have to admit that he looks pretty cute! My sweet baby boy.


lex said...

k.......he looks soooo cute!

Jenny Jill said...

What a sweetie! Two of my three kids wear glasses. He is a pet. Thank you for sharing.

ali said...

Hey Jess. I saw your comment on Kelly's blog and thought I'd say hi. Cute kids!

ali sessions degraff

Zarbock family said...

Jess - I love that you are blogging now!!!! I knew you'd catch the bug sooner or later! K- your kids are so cute and so big. The last time I saw tytan he was just a baby, and now he's two and has glasses! That means that it has been WAY too long since I"ve seen you. LEt's please get together soon. Give me a call. 495-0177 or send me your # and I"ll call you! :) Love you! Tiff