Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bless his little heart. He can look a little goofy with his new glasses!

Grandma was having so much fun and found tons of good raspberries.

All of us gathered together to weigh out our berries and see how much 1 1/2 hours of picking got us.

Aren't they pretty! 7 pounds total. 
Not bad considering all of the spills that we had!

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emilyaaa said...

Jess--your family is TOO cute! i'm sure you hear this all the time but that Mckenna is the spittin' image of her mom!!! she's adorable, as are your boys. i LOVE tytan's glasses!! My abby has an appt with the eye doctor next month--we'll see if she gets cute glasses, too!

i'm glad you've joined the world of blogging--hopefully this will help two friends who are TERRIBLE at keeping in touch stay connected a bit more :) love your guts!