Thursday, September 23, 2010

The History

*May 2000 - Married and lived at mom and dad's house in Loomis, CA
*January 2001 - Bought our own condo in Rocklin, CA
*August 2002 - Moved to Springville, UT
*July 2003 - Moved to Colorado Springs into an apartment
*August 2003 - Moved into a house in Colorado Springs
*July 2004 - Moved to Highland, UT
*May 2005 - Moved to Eagle Mountain, UT
*January 2006 - Moved to Payson, UT
*July 2007 - Moved to Granite Bay, CA in with Lloyd's parents while our house was being built
*November 2007 - Moved to Plumas Lakes, CA into our new house
*March 2008 - Moved back to Payson, UT
*October 2009 - Moved to another house in Payson
*September 2010 - Buying a house in Payson, moving in this weekend and planning on staying for a LONG, LONG time!

The Result = 13 houses in 10 years
(For the record, I found 2 white hairs this morning)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The kids have been having too much fun with baby Tate. Tytan especially is in love with his little brother. I was worried about them not being close buddies because they are 3 1/2 years apart, but as far as Tytan is concerned, they are best friends. Nothing makes my heart more warm and fuzzy.

Matt thought that Tate needed to try on his Boone skin hat.
Tate with his daddy's baseball cap and dimple :)
The boys snuggling in my bed watching a little show together.
I can't believe that he is almost 6 months old. Time really is flying and we couldn't love him anymore!

Catch of the Day

Lloyd went fishing this weekend and brought home his success, 3 trout. The kids couldn't have been more excited to help him cut them open and clean them out.

Tytan wasn't too sure but was trying to be brave.

I was shocked at how McKenna got into gutting the fish! She was awesome.
After they were all clean, Tytan was my little helper in getting them ready to grill. We salt and peppered them, then put on butter, garlic and lemon juice. Tytan got a little crazy with the lemon juice :)

We didn't get an after shot of when they were all cooked. I am not a fish eater, but I have to admit that they were pretty good. Lloyd and I couldn't debone them fast enough for Matt and Tytan. They devoured them.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Onion Days

This past weekend was Payson's annual Onion Day Festivals. It is a celebration that last from Friday until Monday and is the place to be! And no, I have no idea why we have it, but I know that it is dang fun. Friday night starts out with the Varsity Football Game. McKenna and her two cousins, Matilda and Sarah, got to do a Jr. Cheer clinic and perform at the game and then at halftime. It was too cute to watch them.

Pre-game at my house getting ready to cheer!
At the game Tytan got his Lion painted on the show his school spirit.
Matt thought that this would help to show the other team they should be scared.
(That is really what he said)
I love watching Lloyd with his players.
McKenna having a blast cheering.

Monday morning was the parade in downtown. Papa and Tate love eachother.
The girls got to ride on the float with the other cheerleaders.
I had to get this shot. These girls love each other so much it is so cute!

After the parade, we headed over to the carnival. Tytan getting ready for some rides!
1st stop the Ferris Wheel
For the record, I wasn't even on the ride and my hands were sweating the whole time!
I couldn't believe that Tytan wanted to go on this one. But there he is with his hands up.
Crazy kid! Matt and McKenna were loving it the whole time as well.
This is what Lloyd tried to get me to go on. Not a chance.
So, he went on it with my best friend, Sara.
Lloyd was actually stumbling when he got off the ride. Wish I had video of it!

We had such a great weekend. I love living in our little town!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thumb Sucker?

I went to check in on Tate during nap time the other day, and this is what I found.

I really don't want to talk about it!

Even though I know that it is coming, the start of school is always a little bitter sweet. Especially when they both seem WAY too big all of a sudden. McKenna started 3rd grade and Matt started 1st. I never realized how much they entertained Tytan until they started going to school ALL DAY LONG!

Big sigh . . . can't wait until the end of the day.

BYU Dinosaur Museum

Before our summer fun came to a close, Lloyd and I wanted to take the kids to the BYU Dinosaur Museum and the Bean Museum. Both free and super fun. As you can tell the kids were a little camera shy and didn't want to pose!

Even Tate got in on the action and thought the lion was pretty fun.
I have to admit that I hate to see school starting again. We had such a fun filled summer. Not only am I losing all my little ones, but Lloyd has had the summer off and now has to go back to reality. BOO!

Tytan Turns Four

Tytan turned 4 on August 10th. I can't believe he is already so big. We started the day off right with his requested chocolate sprinkle doughnuts.

Then we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese. I am a total germaphobe and usually avoid these kinds of places at all costs, but I have to admit it was a total blast. It was super clean and not busy at all. I'm pretty sure it helped that they had a germX dispenser about every 5 feet.

Lloyd and Tytan battling for Air Hockey championship.
At least my kids get their love of ski ball from me!
Tytan was a rockstar at the basketball shooting game

Tytan's face is priceless in this photo. Chuck E came out right as we were about to leave, but Tytan was not having any of that. So, this is about all that I was able to get.

Then, that night was had his little family party. I was going to make him a baseball cake as he requested, but when he saw this one at Sam's Club he had to have it.

McKenna, Matt and Tate gave him a bucket of baseballs. He practices his pitching everyday and then sets up the bases so that I can pitch to him and he can hit and run. I tell Lloyd that by the time we are done raising him, I will be able to play pro ball!
Next came the skateboard that Lloyd and I got him. He was in LOVE!

Papa and Grandma Mason got him a soccer net. Which came right in time for him to get ready for his first season of soccer.

We had such a fun day celebrating this special boy. Papa and Grandma Thompson as well as Aunt Christi came over to celebrate and gave him some cash to go shopping with. He is still deciding what to spend it on! Tytan has so much personality and cracks me up all the time. I am so thankful for him in my life and love that he is always making me smile :)