Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trip from . . .

So, mom invited me to take a crazy road trip with her for Spring Break. She was going to babysit Amy's kids for a week in Arizona, so she recruited me to go with her. We decided to drive to California first to see my cousin Gina who was visiting from France and then headed on out to Arizona for the week. Sounds fun right? Well this is how it played out . . .

1. Drive to Cali on Thursday = 14 hours due to Tytan getting extreme diarhea.
2. 1st night in Cali at the in-laws = Matt waking up at 2 am vomitting.
3. Vommitting = Me disinfecting the entire house in the middle of the night and packing our bags back up realizing that we are going to get everyone there sick if we have the flu.
4. 6 am Friday morning = Booking a motel room on Priceline to stay in while we figure out what the heck we are going to do.
5. 7 am = Arrive at Motel snuggle in and make everyone rest. And of course jump on the beds in our room.
6. 2 pm Friday afternoon = Take kids to the motel pool. Hey chlorine kills bugs right?
7. 4 pm = No more puking or pooping so we take a chance and go visit my Papa in Sac.
8. 7 pm = Kids still going strong, no flu here, so we go miniature golfing thanks to Grandma Mason.
9. 9 pm = Kids down. Me falling into bed exhausted.
10.  Tytan apparently feeling that the double bed just wasn't big for both of us = Me up ALL NIGHT LONG!
11. 6 am Saturday morning = Kids still on Utah time and rip raring to go. 
12. 8 am Saturday morning = Checking out of motel and finally getting to go see Grandma and Papa Mason and Lexy, Matt and their two girls.
13. 10 am = Meeting up with Gina, mom, brother Travis, Lori and their crew at the park in Roseville. We didn't get the memo that it was big brother/sister day at the park. So we shared it with about 300 other kids. It was nice and relaxing. Didn't worry about the kids at all.
14. 1 pm = met up with the Mason crew again at Earth Day in Rocklin.
15. 3 pm = Went to the Folsom Zoo.
16. 4 pm = Back to Papa and Grandma's house to finally relax. The kid's swam and we had a great birthday dinner for Grandma.
17. 7 am Sunday morning = Headed out for Arizona (This drive only took 12 hours)
18. Sunday - Sunday in Arizona with 7 kids (mine plus Amy's) = Nonstop: laundry, cooking, cleaning, bathing, crying (the kid's not me), holding, reading, playing, driving, entertaining, and last but not least . . . REFEREEING.

*I guess that only thing to say is: Thanks mom for inviting me. It was the best Spring Break a girl could ask for! 

Here are some of the highlights:

Gina's baby James

The kid's golfing

The park with Lainey, Luke, McKenna, and Matt

Tytan fell in love with his Uncle Turk

Grandma Eleanor with the kids

Papa and the kids


Lori said...

That was so fun visiting with you that morning in the park. I will post pictures soon! :) The kids had a great time and keep asking to play with their Utah cousins.

We plan on visiting Utah at the beginning of August so we hope to see you then.

Granny T. said...

It was a wild and crazy time!!! I enjoyed having you with me or me with you for the adventure. :) It was hectic for sure. But I was so glad to spend time with Travis and Lori, Papa and Grandma E., Gina and babies and Pat and Ray. And then in Arizona with all of the Arizona kids. Love 'em all.