Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Softball Season Begins

McKenna started softball this week and is having so much fun. She is on the Sting Rays this year with a few of her good friends, which of course is priority. The first game went well, with the exception of her visor crisis. She wanted to wear pigtails, but her visor was having a hard time sitting normal on her head with them in. After a few tears and a pep talk about how this is a ball game not a fashion show, we were ready to play. Gotta love the drama! Sorry about the fence . . . I thought it might be a bit too much to go inside the cage to get the shots. Lloyd wouldn't hear of such a thing :) By coincidence, McKenna picked the #12 which just happened to be Lloyd's number when he played. He was all smiles.

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Granny T. said...

McKenna and team played really good and whooped the other guys.