Friday, August 6, 2010

My not so little Project

My kids were gone for a couple of weeks in California with Grandma and Grandpa Mason (thank you). I was pretty sure that I was going to go crazy with just me and the baby, but ended up going crazy with all the projects I gave myself. The first and most fun was redoing McKenna's room for her. Tate has just been in our room with us and it was time for him to move to his own room. I didn't want to put him in the basement, so Kenna was the obvious choice. I thought that if I gave her a big girl room and made it her own little retreat her feelings wouldn't be too hurt :) So this is the finished product. Sadly, looking at these pictures doesn't even come close to showing the HOURS spent on this room. I bought the quilt but decided to make the curtains, dust ruffle, duvet cover, and pillows. I also make her a memory board and modge podged her old "DREAM" letters. The colors are a little different in these pictures then in real life. I apparently had the night mode on while taking the pics. Anyway, you get the general idea. Well, when she got home, she was so excited that she almost cried. The moment couldn't have been any sweeter!

Little tribute to Nick and Justin

I modge podged her night stand too to make it fun.

This is the bottom of the dust ruffle and the bedskirt.

The duvet cover is the polka dots and these are the pillow I made, except for the sham.

I am so happy that she loves going to bed every night and keeps thanking me for her "big girl" room. I was also able to gut the whole house and go through everything and have a yard sale. I was also able to sell her old bedding and decor for $60. YAHOO! No more clutter around for me!! HEAVEN!


Alexis said...

Super cute. LOVE the mod podged letters!

Brooke said...

Love it! I'm so happy you posted I've been dying to see the final result. Love the posters too:)

John and Sarah Mason said...

That room doesn't even look like the room we stayed in. It is amazingly cute. Definetly a big girl room. You forgot to post how grateful she was to you for making her such a cute room. She still is talking about it. You are surely her best friend and this is one reason why. I am grateful for the sweet grandchildren you have given Papa and I. We are never amazed at how sweet and loving the kids are. How grateful we are for the opportunity to spend such quality time with each of them. Tytan had such milestones this summer. Riding his bike all the way to Taco Bell for lunch and learning to swim. At 3 he could dive in the pool and freestyle to the other side. I know you wouldn't believe it, but I have it on video. I sure love you guys.

John and Sarah Mason said...

Hey Jess, could we get a new pic of Tate? Also a pic of your home you want to buy? How about the kids playing soccer? Did Kenna do some cheering at the football game and dancing at the Payson Days? I know it is a lot to ask but I just miss you guys so much.