Sunday, January 18, 2009

Of course he is in his shorts!

Lloyd's family all was able to come down for the holidays and it was so fun. They stayed with us a couple of days and we partied like rock stars. Lloyd made his world famous turkey for Christmas Eve and it was sooooooo yummy! He has turned into quite the little chef. Isn't it pretty! Everything was super good and it definitely started off the holidays right!

Ok Dad, don't kill me for this picture. I think you look cute!

My crew and Lexy's two little ones in their Christmas Eve PJ's.


John and Sarah Mason said...

No worrys thank you for the blog we look all the time to see whats up --love you Dad

Christian and Brooke Bowers said...

Yea!!! I'm so glad you updated. Now you'll just have to keep doing it:) Hope everyone is feeling better . . .love you!

John and Sarah Mason said...

Yeah, new pictures that prove you are still alive. What a great picture of the turkey that just couldn't prove just how tastey it was. The best turkey I have ever eatten. He may be crazy with the shorts, but he sure is handsome.