Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cooking Classes

Well, I am following in my big sister's footsteps and started doing cooking classes for the wee ones. We have so much fun! I have about 15-20 students each time (not all in one class!) and I teach them basic cooking technics along with making yummy new foods for them to try, and give their little taste buds a new adventure. I do it one day a month a have a couple classes throughout the day. It is fun being able to share my talents while playing!


The Close's Place said...

That's such a good idea Jess. What do you teach them to make?

Jessica Mason said...

We do a bunch of different themes. We have done soups, bread, real gingerbread houses. These next few months we are doing candy making different recipes using potatoes, and pizza making. Whatever sounds fun and I know that kids would have fun learning about.

Watts Happening said...

What a cute picture of all of you. I'd like to be in your cooking class. Micheal made one of your creations for us last week and it was so yummy. Keep on cooking. Love to look at your blog so I can keep up with everyone growing up so fast.