Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Did she just say that?

I took McKenna, her friend Sadie and the boys to go get ice cream cones and then to the park after school. This was the conversation that took place in the car while eating our cones....

McKenna: "My mom doesn't like us to watch Sponge Bob, but Matt sneaks it sometimes."

Sadie: "My mom let's me watch Sponge Bob."

Me: "Well, honey most kids can watch Sponge Bob. I just think that if my kids are going to watch TV there are a lot better choices to watch. That's all.

Sadie: "Oh, did your mom not let you watch it when you were little?"

Me: "They didn't have Sponge Bob when I was little."

McKenna: "Yeah, my mom was born in the 70's."

Sadie, with an understanding/sympathetic nod: "Ohhhh." 

Me laughing really hard then saying, "Kenna how did you know that I was born in the 70's?"

McKenna extrememly surprised and with a huge smile: "You mean I was right?!!" 


The Close's Place said...

Man the 70's, you're an oldie :)

The Griffins said...

HAHAHAHA! You're kids... I'm telling you. Just reading this little post just made me feel ancient. Watch it Stacy! By the way, I HAVE found the HobNobs... delicious! Did you know they make carmel?? The bad news is that Nick found the HobNobs too... in our cabinet, and now they're gone.