Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clean Enough

So I have been feeling a little down; having a hard time feeling "Joy in the Journey" but more "Monotony in Motherhood". Not the motherhood part per say, but the constant house cleaning and laundry. It just is never all done. But does it have to be? I recognize that I am putting too much stress on the less important things. My sister calls it Christmas Postpartum. I can see that. It happens to me every February. Anyways, as I was eating my healthy lunch of Doritos and apple juice, I came upon this inspiration. Thank you for breaking it down and letting me off of my own hook a little. I can do this! Check it out :) I don't know how to do those cute little link tabs, so this will have to do.


Thursday, February 3, 2011


I had one today. The kind that you know will stick in your mind with you forever. I was dropping Tytan off at preschool, nothing special about that task. I watched him as he ran to the front door, backpack bouncing and his BYU hat on backwards. He turned with the biggest grin and then blew me a kiss before he closed the door behind him. It was then that I felt my breath catch and asked time to freeze. Let my babies stay this way forever. Sometimes, in the mundane acts of motherhood, I find myself wishing time would somehow move faster. But not today. Today I will hold them closer and a little tighter. I am thankful for these moments. They fill my life with meaning and remind me that there is nothing better or more fulfilling than being a mom.