Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clean Enough

So I have been feeling a little down; having a hard time feeling "Joy in the Journey" but more "Monotony in Motherhood". Not the motherhood part per say, but the constant house cleaning and laundry. It just is never all done. But does it have to be? I recognize that I am putting too much stress on the less important things. My sister calls it Christmas Postpartum. I can see that. It happens to me every February. Anyways, as I was eating my healthy lunch of Doritos and apple juice, I came upon this inspiration. Thank you for breaking it down and letting me off of my own hook a little. I can do this! Check it out :) I don't know how to do those cute little link tabs, so this will have to do.



Grammy T. said...
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Grammy T. said...

I loved her Cleaning frenzies and she says WE a lot. Yep, that's the key. WE.

John and Sarah Mason said...

I am so sorry that your family is so sick and then you get sick on top of that. The throw up flu creates so much work. You are so creative with positive reinforcement. House fairies come to your home and reward for positive behavior. There is only so much you can do. I can remember a few things I did.
1. Everybody at our home had to pick up their own plate, wash it off and put it in the dishwasher. They also had to put away 3 other things.After everybody did what was expected the dishes were pretty much done. Also,
2. The person whose floor was messiest under their chair had to sweep the rest of the floor as well as wipe off the table. Unless you were really little, there was nothing on the floor and that was a big help.
3. At the beginning of the weeek we would draw names of a room to take care of during the week.Our bedrooms were a given, but this other room was ours to dust, vaccum, and keep picked up. It was up to our schedule when we vaccumed and dusted. We would do the same thing outside in the summer.
4. Each child would be in charge of a spot in the yard. I would take them and let them create how they wanted, but it was up to them to maintain it.That is all I know to do, which isn't very much. Good luck. I love all of you very much.