Monday, October 17, 2011

What's a Mom to do?

Tate is almost 19 months old and couldn't be more independent! I tell Lloyd everyday that it is a good thing that he is so cute and that he has the funniest personality. He is such a jokester already. I didn't think that I could get another stubborn child, but he proved me wrong. But man do I love this kid!

He won't let me feed him at all now and refuses to wear bibs. Needless to say that this kid gets like 3 baths a day :)

Tate could not adore his dad anymore! They are quite the little buddies.

I always know when Tate is doing something naughty because he gets super quiet. The other day I had been in the back of the house folding laundry when I realized I hadn't heard from him for a few minutes. I walked out to find him in his walker and he was unloading the crayons as fast as possible from my cabinet that he had somehow undone the lock on. I can't even catch him now when he runs away from me!

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John and Sarah Mason said...

First of all, when he gets himself in the walker, can he get himself out? Just a thought that maybe it would slow him down. Does it make you wonder just what goes through their little brains that they would just go around and dismantle it? He's so funny because he does something naughty, gets caught in the act, sees you, starts laughing, and then tries to out run you laughing all the while. Good thing you are having a girl because that would have been just crazy.However, at two years old I would hide the knob that turned on the TV because I wanted my Dad's attention. I love you Jessie, thanks for the blogging.