Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting so BIG!

I am a little late with this entry, but I couldn't miss Matt's Birthday Blog. 7 years old and he already knows more than me :) Matt is such a funny kid and makes me laugh all the time. I am so glad for him in my life.

The day started with our traditional birthday breakfast: doughnuts and chocolate milk

Matt chose instead of a friend party that he wanted to go to Pirate Island.
The kids giving their best Pirate faces.

Then that weekend we celebrated with family for a Super Bowl/Birthday party.

Mason was so excited that I was taking her picture!

Tate loving his first taste of cake!

Papa Thompson always the life of the party

We had such a great time celebrating and being with family. I can't believe that my little guy isn't so little anymore! I was looking at baby pictures of him and I cried. The time really does seem to slip through your fingers. I just hope that I never forget to make the most of it!


Alexis said...

LOVE that kid!

Grammy T. said...

Great pictures I say!! From Papa T.

Brooke said...

K the pic of you and Kenna at the top is SO cute! Keep the updates coming!!!