Thursday, April 15, 2010


This Easter was extra special this year with little Tate's arrival. It also made things a little more chaotic than normal! We did manage to fit in time for dying eggs and making cupcakes. Could life be any more fun?

Our little "Mad Scientist"

Happy Easter!


John and Sarah Mason said...

As mothers we sometimes don't realize that we begin to thrive on chaos. We sometimes don't realize that things don't have to be grandeosis to matter. Making those cupcakes was the highlight of your kids day. I know because when I called and asked what their happy was for the day they said, "making cupcakes and oh yeah dying eggs. You and Lloyd are a great team. You are always blazing the trail in our family and how I couldn't love you more.

Dawn said...

Hi mason family Just wanted to say congrats on our newest member of the family Tate is so cute I hope he is a good baby cant wait to see ALL the kids I am going to come to Mason & Addies bday party so that way the twins will be here too I cant wait Have you seen Zack & Alison engagement pictures ? They are Login is aandz they are feature on her website rite now LOVE YOU LOTS