Monday, March 1, 2010


Matt had been having a lot of problems with his throat, so they decided to take out his tonsils. So we decided right after Christmas would be the best time. He couldn't have been more excited. The prospect of getting them taken out drummed up visions of pudding, Popsicles, and ice cream for weeks on end. Need less to say, the experience didn't let him down!

This is right before he went in for surgery. . .
 . . .and this is after
The first thing he said when coming back to reality was, "Mom, did they save my tonsils in a jar?" Sorry honey, didn't even think about that one!


The Close's Place said...

What a sweetie pie!! How brave.

John and Sarah Mason said...

This is the thing that really kills me to miss. (Well sports activitys too.)I love you so much Matt Matt-- Papa.