Monday, September 14, 2009

Onion Day Carnival

In typical "Payson" style, we kicked off our Labor Day weekend with the Onion Day Festivals. There is something about a carnival that I just can't resist. Of course the main pull is to go for the kids, but I have to admit that there is something about funnel cakes and carmel apples that makes it impossible for me to stay away. We had a blast and didn't want to leave.

Lloyd spending $10 on a dollar store stuffed animal.

McKenna and Matt had to practically pull Tytan on this ride, but he laughed the entire time.

Matt was being too cool for a photo opt.

This is the ride that Matt desperately wanted to go on, but was ruined when he found this out . .

Tytan didn't care he just thought the bear was cute.

We had to compromise on this ride, which was a little anti-climactic for the big kids.

McKenna's fancy new headband that she found for $1.

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John and Sarah Mason said...

Oh my goodness, new postings. Yippee! Are those kids just the cutest things I've ever seen. I love so much! I wonder if they can feel the hugs I was giving them with my eyes? Thank you so very much for taking photos. I love you!