Sunday, February 22, 2009

Confessions of a now 30 year old

The things I've learned about me...
*My husband is perfect for me, makes yummy cinnamon rolls, and is great at snuggling.
*Nothing makes me smile like my 3 beautiful kids who smother me with kisses and surprisingly think of me as perfect. 
(slightly skewed insight I know, but hey I'll take it!)
 *My favorite pair of jeans are uncomfortably snug, but I can still breathe when I button them.
*I can survive night after night of interrupted sleep.
*Justin Timberlake makes me feel like the 15 year old groupie I never was.
*I still need my mommy when I'm sick.
*I have the best friends a girl could ask for.
*A good haircut can make the extra 10 lbs just seem to melt away.
*There is something to be said about spending the moola and buying a Victoria Secrets bra.
*Exercise is overrated.
*Chocolate is not.
*I can still play a mean game of hide-and-seek.
*A mini van excites me more than I would like to admit.
*Diet DR Pepper is a girl's best friend.
*I am still afraid of the dark.
*I know that chest hair should gross me out, but I kind of like it? (only Lloyd's of course)
*I am finally starting to accept I will never have another growth spurt.
*I couldn't imagine my life without the Gospel and am so blessed to have it.
*I couldn't be happier and have had the best birthday a girl could ask for.
... and my diet will start tomorrow!


Alexis said...

...i'm loving the chest hair comment

The Griffins said...

JESSI!!! Happy Birthday Love!!! Did you get my e-card I sent you?? It was pretty funny. I LOVED this post... honestly I'd have to agree with everything- except the chest hair comment. My husband still hasn't gone through puberty so I haven't had the adjustment phase yet.

The Tehvand Trio said...

Aww that's really cute.
I totally agree about the good hair-cut comment. Gets me thinking I want to do something new with my hair now!
And YAY for chest hair! I think every wife secretly loves their hubby's chest hair. Only theirs.

Amy said...

Love you! Hope you had a fabulous birthday. Can't wait to celebrate it with you in Phoenix in a few weeks. My diet always starts tomorrow. If I get 3 haircuts will it take away 30 pounds? Hmmm. Things to ponder. I love you so much and can't imagine my life without you. :)

Kristin said...

What a great list!! I'm right there with ya!

John and Sarah Mason said...

I hope your 30 year old birthday was as great as it sounds. Don't spend all your money in one place and make sure that you spend it on yourself. I love you Jessie.- mom

Watts Happening said...

Happy 30th birthday, it only get better, really !