Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quote of the Day

Matt: "Hey mom, I'm thinking of a word that starts with 'P' "
Me: "Ummm, party?"
Matt: "Nope"
Me: after a few more guesses, "Honey, it is going to take me forever to guess. Why don't you just tell me."
Matt: "Mommmm (as in this is super easy) the word is 'Po Po' .... like the Po Po are going to take you to jail!"

Of course it was. Can't believe I didn't get that one. My bad!


Patrick and Leigh said...

too funny, I didn't know they say that in Utah...I thought that was more common in my neck of the woods :) Kids come up w/ the funniest things!

lex said...

I think Matt should start watching 106 with his aunt lexie... the kid has ghettoness in his veins!

Digi Loves Company said...

I loved reading all of your latest entries. Your kids are too cute! So I am completely out of it, but when did you move back to Utah?

Watts Happening said...

Your son Matt is a crack up! I enjoyed him so much during the Reception for Brooke. Each of your children are darling, and have so much personality. It was good to see all of you.

lex said...

you are overdue for an update!

Micheal Watts said...

Jessica! I need that recipe from Brooke's wedding lol. You said that it was on some website but I don't know what it is, or what it was even called. Let me know, or give me a call (530) 519-9994. Thanks!!!!!