Sunday, December 20, 2009

In Loving Memory

My Grandpa Pillsbury was such a huge influence in my life. He had such a love for life and for his family. He passed away on December 5th at the age of 89. I will miss him tons, but am so grateful that my kids had the opportunity to get to know him. Thank you for all the love and support Papa. I will never forget your BBQ chicken, silver dollar pancakes, fishing in Portola, playing cribbage together, pizza nights, your tender heart, and most importantly, constantly encouraging me to be the best me possible. I love you!

GInger Bread Houses

We had my sister Becky and her family and my sister Christi come over for some serious Gingerbread house decorating. The kids were in heaven and had so much fun. It made the day of baking, swollen ankles, and numb thighs totally worth it (all from being prego of course). 

I have to say watching Tytan was my favorite. He couldn't believe that it was legal to just squirt as much frosting as his little heart desired and eat enough candy for 10 kids. He really did do a good job at his decorating and was actually pretty meticulous. 

We love our Aunt Lexy

Is there really need for an explanation?

Oh Christmas Tree?

The hunt for the Perfect Tree is OVER! Lexy and Matt found it this year while we were on our annual Christmas tree outing. I guess it's not the size or limbs of the tree that count right? It's about the quality bonding time with the family, the chili and cornbread, and laughing ourselves down to the local tree stand to buy ourselves a tree that doesn't have to be nailed to the wall for support. 

Papa and Addie
The kids with Uncle Christian

Tytan and Aunt Brookie
Nothing like riding in the back of the truck with the tree.

The Polar Express

While Lloyd's parents were in town for Thanksgiving they took us all to the Heber Creeper for The Polar Express. The night was filled with elves, stories, hot cocoa and cookies, singing, and of course, SANTA!  It was pure magic. Thank you Grandma and Papa for an absolutely perfect night.

The boys with their Aunt Brooke

Tytan's glasses were a little foggy!
Tytan wasn't so sure about Santa to begin with, but decided later that he liked him.
The kids with their cousin Mason.

McKenna's Baptism

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we had the wonderful opportunity to have our McKenna baptized. It was such a special day that I will never forget and I hope that she doesn't either. Lloyd baptized her and she had a lot of family who were able to be there. She was just glowing and could feel the Spirit so strong. It was such a great day!

McKenna with her Grandpa and Grandma Thompson
McKenna with her Grandpa and Grandma Mason
The whole crew